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  A1010-11Fan BladeFan blade for C Series units, 11" dia.AluminumLight Gray$79.00
  A2010-08Blower WheelSquirrel cage - wheel onlySteelSilver$69.00
  A2020-08Inlet RingFits inside blower housingSteelSilver$29.00
  A4101-01Filter, Condenser1" thick - cut size = 20-7/8" x 11-1/2"Hogs HairBlue$10.00
  A4101-04-VFilter, Evaporator-CHV1/2" thick - cut size = 23" x 7"Hogs HairBlue$10.00
  A4101-03Filter, Auxiliary1/2" thick - cut size = 6-1/2" x 4-1/2"Hogs HairBlue$6.00
  B1000-12Shock Mount130 lb. Load each, 4 or 7 per unitSteel/RubberBlack$21.00
  C1010-00Thermostat60° - 90° F for compressor controlAlum/CopperSilver/Black$49.00
  C2110-05Toggle SwitchBreaker, 5 ampSteel/PlasticBlack$59.00
  C9102-04KnobGoes on thermostatPlasticBlack$9.00
  CP330-12-AControl Panel Assy.Includes knob, switch, t-stat & panelSteelSilver/Black$119.00
  E7500-05-AResistor Assy.5 ohm, 100 watt for compressor clutchFiber/CompDark Brown$59.00
  E8000-01-AVoltage Selector Assy.Auto selects 12/24 VDC inputPlastic/PolyBlack/Gray$69.00
  C9112-00HandleBlue is fan speed, red is heat controlSteelBlue/Red$11.00
  D4010-12Shaft CouplingRigid, 3/4" I.D., w/ bolts & set screwsSteelSilver$29.00
  D1011-02Blower Shaft3/4" O.D. x 3" coupling to blowerTGP SteelSilver$10.00
  D1011-12Fan Shaft3/4" O.D. x 12" coupling to fanTGP SteelSilver$24.00
  H1020-KHydraulic Motor Kit10 GPM motor w/bearing & hyd. TubesCase Hard SteelLight Gray$519.00
  D2001-10Bearing, auxiliaryMotor shaft supportSteelSilver/Black$21.00
  D2102-12Bearing, flangeFan shaft at beltSteelDark Blue$89.00
  D2103-12Bearing, "pillow block"Fan shaft at fanSteelDark Gray$89.00
  D3101-44PulleyFor the fan shaftSteelLight Gray$89.00
  D3102-54PulleyFor the motorSteelLight Gray$91.00
  D3201-40Idler w/BearingIdler pulley onlyCompositeBlack$59.00
  D5103-07Idler SpringSpring only for idler assy.SteelSilver$8.00